Who we are

Timotech Nigeria Technologies was established in the year 2001 in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a company that wants to ensure that technology is easily accessible and available for all. We are basically a software company but now and then, we delve into hardware sales and servicing, assembling, installation, development and maintenance.
With time we have grown into a company that can compete with the creame del-la creame in the society. Our aim is to ensure that technology is available to all, both small and great.

Our Services

Our services range from web development, Windows development, Mobile development (IOS, Android, Windows Phone), with technologies ranging from .Net technologies(Asp.net, MVC, .net Core), Sql Server, Php, WordPress, Oracle, Hadoop(Big Data), Linux, Objective C Á Swift, Xamarin, Jquery, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap and many more.
We are also into hardware computer peripherals supply, with Recognizable Names like Dell, Hp, Epson, IBM, Toshiba, Compaq and others, to meet the needs of our numerous customers

Corporate Training and Consulting

One of our primary aims is to train people to impact knowledge and to bring out the best in them. We have the best class of teachers and trainers to get you started in any field of study that you want to be trained.
Beginners have access to our inumerable store of videos which help them have a better grasp of the particular topics they want to get into.

We are also available for your consulting needs, and you can also reach our 24/7 online correspondence for any enquiry and information that is needed.

Contract Staffing

One good thing about technology today is the ability to automate major tasks which can be done by humans with the use of software technologies or automated robots. We at Timotech Nigeria Technologies are here to make staffing troubles a thing of the past.
Reduce staff cost with our help, we provide a contract staff, who will help in setting things up and training for a couple of months, until and after certification of completion of job and trainings.